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How to Connect with Your Subconscious & End Self-Sabotage

Here’s how to take responsibility for negative thoughts & bad habits, reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs, & get empowered to transform your life.

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Series Overview

The Science & Similarities of Hypnotherapy & Traditional Therapy 31 Min

World-renowned certified hypnotherapist Grace Smith kicks off the series by sharing an amazing story of resilience and triumph of one of her clients—which kickstarted her career as a full-time hypnotherapist. Dr. Ramani shares her thoughts on the science of hypnotherapy, from a psychologist’s perspective. Additionally, Grace shares the powerful role hypnosis played in releasing her own limiting beliefs. From the patient’s role in the therapy room to the actual neurological mechanisms at play, Grace and Dr. Ramani also break down the surprisingly strong similarities between hypnotherapy and traditional therapy.

Self-Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs: How to Spot & Address Them 25 Min

Dr. Ramani and Grace begin the session by walking through one astonishing way some people subconsciously limit their success: financial self-sabotage. Grace and Dr. Ramani both discuss how they’ve treated this issue and more in their practice. They also discuss how we initially form subconscious beliefs in childhood, the role these childhood events play in cultivating future limiting beliefs, and the intergenerational impacts of subconscious self-sabotage. Finally, Grace dives deeper into how subconscious work allows a patient to improve their memory recall in order to address an adverse childhood experience which may be causing a current limiting belief.

Walking Through an Example: Overcoming Binge Eating 22 Min

In this session, both Dr. Ramani and Grace share the similarities, differences, and unique benefits each of their treatment modalities provides when it comes to issues around food. They specifically walk through their respective binge eating treatment approaches. From the signs and symptoms, to the coping strategies, to the implementable tools, you’ll develop a hands-on understanding of the hypnotherapy process. Finally, Grace and Dr. Ramani run through how Grace’s 4 Steps to Mental Freedom compare to the pillars of traditional therapy.

How to Find a Good Hypnotherapist or ACT Practitioner 16 Min

Since the field of hypnotherapy is still unregulated, Grace shares how to find a hypnotherapist who is actually certified and comprehensively trained, how to know if it’s right for you, and when it should be used in tandem with a licensed mental health practitioner. Dr. Ramani shares how to find similar, more traditional treatment modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Finally, they explain who hypnotherapy and ACT are NOT for.


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About the Series

The job of a therapist is to do a deep-dive into a patient’s past traumas, unconscious conflicts, and family history, in order to understand their current beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that may block them in their current life. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula expertly does this every day in her private practice.

Most great therapists do this work. Grace Smith is no exception; she just accesses the subconscious belief system—-especially the beliefs we live by which unknowingly limit us—through a very different door.

As a certified hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Grace has changed lives by treating anxiety, nicotine addiction, chronic pain, and more.

In this series, Dr. Ramani, Grace, and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson engage in an enlightening discussion on how to fix subconscious blocks and overcome self-sabotage, mental health obstacles, and the unconscious beliefs we use to limit ourselves. In doing so, this series has the power to transform your outlook and set you up for progress in all areas of your life.

Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who wants to discover and overcome their limiting beliefs, and stop self-sabotaging in all areas of their lives.

This series is especially enlightening for anyone who hasn’t yet been able to successfully access, heal, or upgrade a specific area of their life—and suspects the underlying issue is subconscious.

“Everything the subconscious does is because it thinks it’s keeping you safe. It’s job is to keep you alive. But oftentimes what that means is keeping you small, and keeping you doing the same things you’ve always done…[hypnotherapy] will help you take responsibility for the narrative in your head.”
- Grace Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • How accessing the subconscious allows the brain to open up to suggestion—which may allow you to more easily work through a bad habit, curb self-sabotaging behavior, or address a mental health challenge by creating new neurological connections
  • The surprisingly strong similarities between hypnotherapy and traditional trauma therapies like Eye Movement
  • Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • How to address the 3 major drivers for limiting beliefs—lack of self-love, lack of self-worth, and lack of self-confidence—and why you may harbor one or more of these in the first place
    Dr. Ramani’s “whiteboarding” process and how it helps her patients understand and overcome their limiting beliefs
  • Grace’s “reframing” technique and how it helps her patients quit bad habits and overcome limiting beliefs

“Human beings move away from pain. At some level that’s adaptive, but we treat psychological pain [like physical pain] so we spend all our waking hours dodging [it]. Then there’s no time left to align with our core philosophy and values...accept the pain, it doesn’t define you...then look at your life as the damn triumph that it is.”

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.


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