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The Opioid Crisis: The Roadmap for Overcoming an Overpowering Addiction

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Series Overview

Opioid Addiction 101: Why This Addiction Is So Intense 10 Min

Tackling the opioid crisis begins with understanding the root of addiction and the effects that opiates have in our brains, which you’ll learn in this session.

Slang Terms for Opioid Abuse that Will Help You Spot the Problem 17 Min

Recognizing the typical slang terms that opioid addicts use is a critical first step in recognizing that a loved one has a problem at all. Dr. Dom walks you through that slang terminology - and what the opiate paraphernalia actually looks like - in this session.

Causes, Risk Factors, & Prevention Strategies of Opioid Addiction 19 Min

According to Dr. Dom, 80% of all heroin users started with a prescription opiate. But there are additional factors that elevate the risk of developing this type of addiction. In this session, Dr. Dom sheds light on the causes, risk factors, and prevention strategies of opioid addiction you need to know.

What Actually Happens in the Brain of an Opioid Addict 12 Min

There is a bias against those who fall prey to addictions - especially opioid addiction. But according to Dr. Dom, it’s the neuroscience of opioid use, not the addict themselves, that is at fault when it comes to the severity of opioid addiction. So in this session, Dr. Dom explains that neuroscience - and breaks down exactly why people get so intensely addicted to opiates.

The 11 Diagnostic Criteria of Opiate Use Disorder 7 Min

While the opioid crisis presents its own set of unique challenges for those affected, there is a set of criteria that clinicians use to diagnose any substance use disorder. In this session, Dr. Dom walks through each of the 11 criteria used to diagnose opiate use disorder.

The Many Signs of Opioid Use & How to Address Them 12 Min

Earlier in this series, Dr. Dom shed light on the language & slang terminology that are signs of opioid addiction in a friend or loved one. But what about the actual physiological, physical, and behavioral warning signs that your loved one might be suffering from opioid addiction? In this session, Dr. Dom walks through each red flag you should look out for - and how to correctly address the behavior.

Why Opioid Overdoses Are So Common & How to Handle the Aftermath 13 Min

Each day, nearly 130 people die from an overdose that involves an opioid. That’s more people in one year that died from opioid overdose than in the entirety of the Vietnam War, the Korean War, or any armed conflict since the end of World War 2. So it’s absolutely crucial to understand why opioid overdoses are so widespread and what to do in the aftermath. Dr. Dom walks you through those steps in this session.

How to Make It Through Detox & Rehab (Treatment Options + Steps) 37 Min

While the opioid crisis is widespread and destructive, it’s critical to remember that opioid addiction is both treatable and preventable. And according to Dr. Dom, the withdrawal is not life-threatening. In this session, Dr. Dom walks through the types and stages of treatment - all the way from detox to recovery - and what to expect along the way.

Opioid Recovery: How to Temper Sensitivity & Find Happiness 37 Min

Long-term opioid abuse can cause physiological sensitivity in recovered users. But there is hope in the long-term recovery process. In our final session, Dr. Dom explains how to achieve that level recovery, how to temper sensitivity, and how to find true happiness in sobriety.


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About the Series

In this series, Double Board Certified psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli details the opioid crisis plaguing the United States. He helps viewers fully understand how this addiction manifests, the treatment options available, and what supporters of those struggling with opioid addiction can do. Opioid addiction is confusing and scary. This series makes the path to recovery simpler.

Who is this series for?

The opioid crisis is widespread and affects all demographics. Additionally, any type of addiction affects the entire family unit. This MedCircle series is for patients, spouses, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and more who are looking for real tools and real solutions to this confusing but treatable disease.

“This is one of the best series on MedCircle. It was explained so well and it was good that you guys discussed the slang terms as well so that people are aware.”
Denise H

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • The causes of the opioid crisis
  • The science of addiction and the neurology of opiate use disorder
  • The risk factors and prevention strategies of opioid addiction
  • The slang terminology of opiate use that will help you spot the signs of opioid addiction
  • How to recognize the 11 diagnostic criteria of opiate use disorder
  • How to approach a loved one displaying the physical & behavioral signs of opioid use
  • Why opioid overdoses are so common & how to handle the aftermath
  • Opioid addiction treatment options and how to help a loved one through steps to recovery (from detox through rehab)
  • How to find long-term happiness after recovering from an opioid addiction

“The opioid crisis is the most devastating thing I have seen during my psychiatric career. There is no better time to address this. And with the right information, full recovery is not only possible, but likely. I want to help you make sense of the confusion and the terror of this epidemic and get help and you and your loved one to start truly living again.”

Double Board Certified Psychiatrist, D.O.


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