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Narcissistic Leaders: Combating Their Control Tactics

Narcissistic leaders are incredibly common. Here are the strategies to spot them and combat their control tactics—straight from a leading psychologist.

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Series Overview

The Signs & Trajectory of a Narcissistic Leader 22 Min

Flor shares how the Children of God cult leader Father David came to power and influence in the first place, and how his behavior evolved as he gained more and more followers to the point where he achieved a “god-like” standard. She also reveals what it was like to uncover Father David’s true narcissistic nature. Dr. Ramani breaks down the psychology of Father David’s narcissistic behaviors and trajectory toward power and control.

How to Spot the Signs of Abuse from a Narcissistic Leader 23 Min

Falling under the influence of a narcissistic leader doesn’t happen overnight. So, in this session, Dr. Ramani shares what causes someone to become vulnerable to the power of a narcissistic leader. Flor sheds even more light on what causes people to fall into the “trap” of a narcissistic leader—more specifically, why so many adults in the Children of God ended up following Father David.

How to Cope with a Narcissistic Leader (Self-Help & Communication Strategies) 22 Min

Dr. Ramani and Flor walk through the strategies to cope with a narcissistic leader. They discuss what a good, healthy leader truly looks like, and why narcissism may sometimes imitate good leadership. Additionally, they discuss how to deal with a narcissistic boss on a day-to-day basis if it’s not feasible for someone to leave their job altogether. Communication and self-help strategies are key to surviving a narcissistic leader—Dr. Ramani shares some of the most effective ones in this session.


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About the Series

Narcissistic leaders are dangerous because they fully exploit their toxic traits as a narcissist, yet have an exceptional ability to attract employees or “followers.” At the same time, their narcissistic abuse can take a massive toll on the mental health of those unknowing victims.

Additionally, narcissistic leaders are more common than most people realize. According to clinical psychologist and narcissism expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula, narcissism is so widespread that it should be considered “the topic of our time.”

This series sheds light on how to recognize and interact with a narcissistic boss—and how someone can help themselves when in the destructive grip of a narcissistic leader.

Flor Edwards adds her unique and valuable perspective to this dialogue. Flor grew up in the apocalyptic cult Children of God under the control of its oppressive and dominating leader, David Berg—who was better known as “Father David” to his followers and to the media.

Through watching this series, you’ll discover how to recognize, and cope with, the key elements of a narcissistic leader through the extreme example of Flor’s story.

Who is this series for?

Anyone who has dealt with a narcissistic boss or leader will be empowered by the valuable, actionable information this series provides.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • The signs of a healthy leader versus a narcissistic leader
  • The tools that narcissistic leaders use to achieve and maintain power and control
  • How someone gets pulled into the grasp of a narcissistic leader in the first place
  • How to cope with a narcissistic leader—and how to help yourself before it goes too far, and causes too much harm
  • When it’s worth staying at a job and learning to cope with a narcissistic leader—and the signs it’s time to leave
  • How to use the “grey rock method” to effectively communicate with a narcissistic boss while minimizing your mental health impacts

“With narcissistic leaders, it’s not just about control. It’s about psychological control. They’re pulling the levers in someone’s mind, to get you all on board to follow them blindly…[cult leaders] are an extreme example of narcissistic leadership, but frankly, it’s narcissistic leadership at the core of it.”

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.


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