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Finding Your Mental Health Provider

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Series Overview

Therapy & Assessments: The Types of Providers You Should Seek 10 Min

In this session, Dr. Dom discusses the different types of mental health professionals who do not prescribe medications and rather, focus on a variety of evidenced-based treatments and therapies. You will learn the type of training each mental health professional receives and which type of these providers who may be best to serve you.

Medication Management: The Types of Prescribers You Should Seek 15 Min

In some cases, medication can be used to treat specific mental health conditions. Dr. Dom, a double-board certified psychiatrist explains which mental health professionals can prescribe medication and how to seek out the right one for you. There are many other options besides psychiatrists and many of these professionals not only can prescribe medications but also utilize popular therapies and treatments. This session also talks about how to create your “mental healthcare team” and which professional(s) are right for you.

Peer Specialists, Social Workers, & Other Mental Health Resources 6 Min

Fortunately, there are plenty of options outside of psychologists and psychiatrists when seeking professional mental healthcare. After this session, you will understand the roles of other mental health professionals that can help you through a variety of mental health disorders and learn about the training for each role.

How to Find the Best Mental Health Provider For Yourself 19 Min

Finding the right provider and actually getting into see them in a timely manner can be frustrating, to say the least. From internet searches, referrals, and doing your own research - Dr. Dom breaks down the best (and worst) ways to find the right provider. Dr. Dom also discusses how to “break up” with your therapist and what supporters should and should not do to get a loved one into therapy.

Children’s Mental Health: How to Find the Best Provider 19 Min

In this session, parents learn how to find the best provider and care for their child. Dr. Dom gives actionable advice on talking with schools, counselors, and of course, your children about their mental health. He also goes into detail about talking with teenagers about getting them into therapy and opening up the lines of communications between them and their parents. Dr. Dom also talks about what to know when it comes to putting your child on a medication and a whole lot more.


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About the Series

This is the perfect companion series for any other series on MedCircle. Navigating the mental health system is complicated, frustrating, and confusing. Double board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Dom explains the differences between the vast array of mental health professionals, including; psychologists, psychiatrists, Certified Peer Specialist, social workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and more. You’ll understand choose which mental health professional is right for you or your loved one and how to find the best specialist in their field.

Who is this series for?

This is for anyone who wants to better understand the variety of professional roles in the mental healthcare field. Finding the right person or people to help you with your mental health can be difficult. This series makes the process much easier by giving you the education on this complex field.

This series is great for parents who want to find the right provider and avoid the common mistakes people make when going through this often frustrating process.

“Thank you so much for making this much needed series. I work in the healthcare field and I know most people don’t understand all of their options when it comes to choosing a mental healthcare provider. Thanks for another great and needed series!”
Alexandra T.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • Which providers can prescribe medications and which cannot
  • The roles of lesser-known providers such as Certified Peer Specialists
  • The steps you should take when seeking out a mental healthcare professional
  • How to best navigate the complex mental healthcare system
  • Advice for parents with children who may benefit from working with mental healthcare professionals
  • The do’s and don’ts of finding a provider and seeking the best care

“Behavioral health can be a frightening road for people, to begin with. Let’s take away all of that fear by giving them the education on what the path ahead looks like so they can navigate it. It’s that simple.”

Double Board Certified Psychiatrist, D.O.


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