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The Golden Gate Suicide Survivor: the Kevin Hines Tell-All Series

Suicide is the second leading cause of death worldwide for those aged 15-24 years. Kevin Hines survived his suicide attempt at 19. He shares all in this series.

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Series Overview

What This Suicide Survivor Will Never Forget About His Childhood 34 Min

Kevin Hines describes his tumultuous infancy, living in the foster care system, and how his early life shaped his childhood, teenage years and early adulthood.

Kevin Hines’ Initial Meltdown & Bipolar 1 Diagnosis 22 Min

In this session, Kevin explains when his “brain broke.” He also discusses his bipolar 1 diagnosis and how that affected his behavior at school and at home.

Why Kevin Hines Felt Like He “Had to Die” By Suicide 23 Min

After finding a pro-suicide website, Kevin found himself standing at the Golden Gate Bridge preparing to jump. Watch first hand as Kevin details that moment and what happened next.

Learning from Kevin’s Suicide Survival & Psych Ward Stays 23 Min

Kevin says that the demon in his head told him to jump. In this session, Kevin explains each moment from when he hit the water, to the multiple injuries he suffered, to his ultimate rescue by an unlikely companion… a California sea lion.

10 Steps to Achieving Mental Health & Happiness 13 Min

Today, Kevin is a mental health advocate and speaker and has developed his own self-help strategies. He breaks down how you can leverage them for your own mental health and implement them today.


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About the Series

Suicide in the U.S. has reached crisis levels. Rates of suicide have risen 33 percent over the past two decades. Additionally, this increase has been more severe among teenagers and young adults compared to any other age group.

A critical part of solving this widespread crisis is understanding the life experiences of someone who attempts it – and the mental health issues which impact that decision in the first place.

This series provides one crucial perspective – a glimpse into the mind of someone who attempted suicide and lived.

Kevin Hines is living with chronic suicidality and bipolar 1 disorder. This 5-session series chronicles what life looked like before his diagnosis, why he attempted suicide at age 19 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and how he found effective mental health treatment.

From his birth, through childhood and high school, all the way up until the moments during and after Kevin jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll understand what Kevin was going through at every stage of his mental health journey.

The risk factors of suicidal thinking are numerous – from a mental health issue like depression or bipolar disorder, to trauma like bullying or abuse, to a lack of family support or substance abuse. Even if your loved one’s journey hasn’t looked exactly like Kevin’s, this emotional series will still shed light on how to spot the signs of suicidal ideation.

Filled with humor, loss, sadness, and love, Kevin Hines’ journey is both challenging and triumphant. His story is unique, but in many ways, it’s relatable. This series with leave you with vital insight for supporting someone with suicidal ideation, culminating in Kevin’s 10 steps to achieving mental health & happiness.

Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who has personally struggled with depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, or has ever suffered any form of mental pain.

This series is especially eye-opening for parents and guardians of children and teenagers who have undergone a mental health issue or trauma. Kevin provides firsthand insight on the childhood bullying he faced, the onset of bipolar disorder and depression he experienced in high school, and how communication with his parents could have impacted his decision to attempt suicide.

“You awesome and amazing, Kevin. Your knowledge and help you offer people is so valuable. You a great speaker too.”
MedCircle Member

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • How Kevin’s emotional and turbulent start in life impacted him later on
  • How bullying in school affected Kevin’s mental health
  • What it felt like when Kevin’s bipolar disorder and depression began manifesting in childhood and adulthood
  • What’s going on in someone’s head when they’re experiencing suicidal ideation
  • The events that led Kevin to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge – and what it felt like in the moments after Kevin let go of the rail
  • Kevin’s 10 steps to achieving mental health and happiness which have served as a guiding light for his mental wellness today

“I realized, however, I was saved, that I am intended to be here.”

Mental Health Advocate & Suicide Survivor


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