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What It’s Like to Live with CPTSD

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Series Overview

The Trauma: What Caused Jane’s CPTSD & Other Conditions 15 Min

In our first session, Jane details the events leading up to her traumatic brain injury and does a deep-dive on the symptoms she experienced immediately after her trauma - including severe anxiety, memory loss, dissociation, and more. She also describes what a regular day feels like living with complex PTSD.

What CPTSD Actually Feels Like 12 Min

Jane dives deeper into what life is like with CPTSD and how she has managed to cope with the disorder. She also discusses other mental health obstacles she is facing.

Treating CPTSD: What Jane Tried & What Actually Worked 9 Min

What came after the symptoms? Diagnoses and treatment. But for Jane and her family, the journey to finding the right diagnosis and treatment was anything but clear-cut. In this session, she describes the diverse treatments and wellness practices she tried, the many misdiagnoses she endured, and how she reached the right diagnosis.

How Ketamine Impacts Jane’s Mental Health (& Changed Her Life) 10 Min

Jane has tried a multitude of mental health treatments for her complex PTSD, severe anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Nothing has worked as well as ketamine. In this session,, Jane describes what a ketamine treatment feels like, how ketamine infusion therapy has benefited her mental health, and how ketamine as a treatment regimen has changed her life.

How the Support of Jane’s Mom Has Helped Her Recovery 7 Min

Behind every recovered patient is an amazing supporter. Jane’s mother can be described as just that. In our final session, Jane describes the critical role her mother has played in her mental health journey toward recovery.


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About the Series

Jane Farris explains that she is living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) after overcoming a near-death experience from a traumatic brain injury. Not only does Jane says she battled CPTSD, but that she also struggles daily with severe anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Additionally, Jane is a mental health advocate who is dedicated to helping those who have suffered through what she’s suffered.

In this series, she walks you through the trauma she’s experienced and how she’s begun her journey toward optimal mental health.

This is Jane’s story — and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Who is this series for?

This is for anyone is interested in learning more about Jane Farris’ story and how she has coped with a traumatic brain injury, the resulting PTSD, and ketamine infusions as a treatment method.

“I so admire how brave Jane is. Hearing her story made me feel more equipped at overcoming my own trauma.”
Cynthia F.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • Jane’s story of struggle and triumph
  • What it is like to live with CPTSD

“My mother has been everything. She has been my best friend. My role model. My sister. She is my biggest supporter, cheerleader, teammate.”

Mental Health Advocate and Survivor


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