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Anxiety & Depression in College: The Tools & Treatments

Studies show that 1 in 5 university students are affected by anxiety or depression.

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Series Overview

Why Anxiety & Depression Are So Common in College 11 Min

In our first session, triple board-certified psychologist, Dr. Judy Ho, explains the factors causing the rising rate of anxiety and depression among college students.

College Burnout vs. Depression & Anxiety: How to Tell the Differences 19 Min

While burnout and depression share some of the same symptoms, there are major differences that you should know. Dr. Judy explains in this session.

How College Students Can Find Affordable Services for Depression & Anxiety 19 Min

Dr. Judy explains the diagnostic criteria for both depression and anxiety while also providing a roadmap for college students to find the right resources and services.

How to Manage Depression or Anxiety in College (& Prevention Strategies) 15 Min

In this insightful session, Dr. Judy discloses the self-help strategies that can improve your mood, keep you healthy, and combat depression and anxiety.

How to Help College Students with Depression & Anxiety (Treatment + Support) 21 Min

Fortunately, there are many therapies, treatments, and medications to treat depression and anxiety. Dr. Judy reveals the options available for college students and how they can best utilize this arsenal of tools.

How College Students Can Maintain Mental Wellness Long-Term 14 Min

This session provides additional tools for college students to combat their depression or anxiety. Dr. Judy also details how parents can best prepare their child for college and support them along the way.


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About the Series

College can be overwhelming, but when college students experience anxiety and depressive symptoms to the point where it impedes day-to-day life, it needs to be addressed.

These signs can be difficult to spot, so in this eye-opening series, triple board-certified psychologist, Dr. Judy Ho, discusses the hidden impacts of depression and anxiety in college, how to spot them, and how to effectively overcome them and become a more productive student.

Both college students and parents will be equipped to confidently deal with these problems after learning these actionable strategies.

Who is this series for?

As a resource for both college students and parents, this series provides actionable advice aimed to help college students and their parents/supporters prevent and handle anxiety and depression.

“My son was diagnosed with depression in high school and when he went to college things got really bad. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t properly supporting him and once I got this information (thanks, Dr. Judy!) I was able to get through to him and he’s already improving so much.”
Allison K.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • Why anxiety and depression are on the rise among college students
  • How to spot the signs of anxiety and depression
  • Affordable treatment and therapy options for college students
  • Self-management techniques designed for college students
  • Tips for parents in preparing and supporting their child before and during college

“42% of college students are saying that anxiety is a problem for them. And about 36% of college students are saying that depression is a problem for them.”

Triple Board Certified Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychologist, Ph.D.


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