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Debunking Depression: Harness Your Hardwired Nature to Be Happy

Sharecare Award Winner - 2019

Depression affects 300 million people, yet only one-third get any treatment. Here’s how to address that disparity.

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Series Overview

Why Depression Should Be Considered “the Mental Flu” 19 Min

Depression doesn’t just affect the sufferer. There are costs on a societal and cultural level too. In this session, Dr. Varma breaks down the large-scale negative impacts of the depression epidemic, why happiness is so innate in us, and how treating depression helps people improve every aspect of their life - not just their personal wellness.

Depression 101: Why It’s So Different From Normal Sadness 26 Min

Psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma explains what depression is, how it feels for those who experience it, how it manifests in children and adults, and the science behind this common mental health diagnosis. She also defines the many different types of depression, from psychotic depression to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Depression Causes, Risk Factors, & How to Prevent It 12 Min

From genetics to traumatic events, Dr. Varma discusses the various causes of depression and the latest statistics surrounding the disorder. Plus, she provides evidence-based tools on how to prevent depression and live your optimal life.

Is Someone You Love Depressed? How to Spot the Signs 9 Min

Are people using “depression” as an excuse? Dr. Varma talks about the realities surrounding depression, how to spot the signs in a loved one, and most importantly, how to interact and speak with someone with depression.

How to Get the Right Depression Diagnosis & Why It’s Tricky 14 Min

Sadness can be a symptom of many things - not just depression. In this session, Dr. Varma explains the holistic approach to diagnosing depression and what to look out for, both as a patient and as a supporter.

How to Find the Right Depression Treatment Plan for You 27 Min

Is curing depression possible? In this session, Dr. Varma explains the variety of treatment options and what treating depression looks like in the short and long-term.

BONUS: 3 Quick Tips for Helping a Depressed Loved One 2 Min

Dr. Varma shares 3 effective strategies for supporting a loved one with depression.


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About the Series

Depression is the most common mental health disorder, so why is it so thoroughly misunderstood by patients, supporters, and even healthcare workers? As leading psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma notes, depression affects everyone differently, so as a result, the behavior patterns of depression are different from person to person. A one-size-fits-all approach to this public health crisis simply isn’t effective.

That’s where this series comes in. This 7-session series does a deep-dive on all aspects of this common yet nuanced disorder and clears up the confusion surrounding how depression “looks”, who is affected, and what triggers it. Dr. Varma even takes this education one step further – she provides key insight on how to reach optimal mental health. Even viewers who aren’t ​clinically​ depressed will walk away with actionable advice for harnessing their hardwired nature to be happy.

Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of depression and/or thinks they may be depressed. For people who want to truly understand what depression is, how it can manifest, and what your options are for a better life - this series delivers.

This is also a wonderful guide for supporters of loved ones with depression. Become a better supporter and help your loved one live their optimal life.

“This is the best. I couldn’t write the techniques down fast enough.”
Bob H.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • The high-level impacts of depression and why it needs to be prioritized as a public health crisis
  • An in-depth understanding of the different types of depression and the science behind them
  • How to spot the nuanced signs of depression in various settings
  • How to properly support and interact with a loved one who struggles with depression
  • How to navigate the road to finding the right treatment plan
  • How to delicately talk to your loved one if you suspect they’ve been thinking about suicide & how to manage suicidal ideation
  • How to implement self-care strategies that work

“I don’t want to take you just from dysfunctional back to functional. I want to take you from functional to optimal. Who were you truly meant to be?”

Board Certified Psychiatrist, M.D.


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