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Bipolar Disorder: Foundational Tools for Long-Term Wellness

Almost 70% of people with bipolar disorder are initially misdiagnosed

It’s clear that bipolar disorder is wildly misunderstood - and its many misconceptions are perpetuated by behaviors and symptoms that are exaggerated through television and movies. The first step in de-stigmatizing bipolar disorder is through credentialed education. Dr. Domenick Sportelli (Dr. Dom) brings just that in this series.

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Series Overview

What Life Looks Like with Bipolar Disorder 12 Min

Here's what life may look like with undiagnosed/untreated bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder 101: Dispelling the Myths 28 Min

Dr. Domenick Sportelli discusses the different types of bipolar disorder, the science behind the disorder, and dispels common myths.

How to Correctly Spot & diagnose Bipolar Disorder 17 Min

The signs of bipolar disorder are often confused with other disorders. Dr. Dom explains how you can spot signs common with bipolar disorder in both children and adults.

Why Early Intervention for Bipolar Disorder is So Crucial 30 Min

Dr. Dom explains the complex process of diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder and gives advice on how to find a provider that is right for you. Plus, the CEO of MedCircle, Doug Colbeth, talks openly about living with bipolar.

The Complex Ins & Outs of Bipolar Disorder Treatment, Explained 18 Min

From diet and exercise to therapy and medications, Dr. Dom explains how to utilize the variety of available treatment options.

How to Handle an Extreme Manic or Depressive Episode 11 Min

In this session, Dr. Dom details what to do when you or a loved one is having a manic or depressive episode.

How to Manage Substance Abuse & Bipolar Disorder 13 Min

In our final session, Dr. Dom gives professional insight and actionable advice on treating bipolar disorder and addiction. Plus, you will enjoy a Q&A portion with Dr. Dom some of our MedCircle staff members.


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About the Series

As a Double Board Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Dom understands how to spot the signs in teenagers and adults. He walks you through how to navigate the complex diagnosis & treatment process, how to handle an extreme manic or depressive episode, and how to manage mental wellness when substance abuse (which commonly co-occurs with bipolar disorder) is part of the problem.

Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of bipolar disorder. Whether you believe you have bipolar disorder, have been diagnosed, or know somebody who has - this series will give you the education and practical tools you can implement today.

“Bipolar runs in my family - two of my cousins and my dad are diagnosed. I was really struggling to understand what they were going through and what to do for them when they are depressed. I wanted to thank both MedCircle and Dr. Dom for making this series because now, I finally get it. I understand and I know what to do.”
Stephen R.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between bipolar I and bipolar II disorder
  • How to spot the signs in children and adults
  • Which treatment options and medications are available
  • Supporter strategies on handling manic and depressive episodes
  • The truths and myths around this stigmatized disorder

“An educated patient, an empowered patient, an educated family, will, without a doubt, have a better prognosis.”

Double Board Certified Psychiatrist, D.O.


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