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Avoidant Personality Disorder

Have you ever felt self-conscious or shy? For some, that feeling is so severe that it impedes every social interaction. Here are the tools for overcoming it...

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Series Overview

APD 101: Understanding the Constant Fear of Being Humiliated 24 Min

People with avoidant personality disorder crave social interaction, but are so fearful of humiliating themselves that they hold back altogether. However, it’s more than just self-consciousness, and those with APD are at risk for other illnesses and unhealthy relationships. Dr. Ramani explains all of that and more in this session - including how to spot the symptoms in the first place.

APD Risk Factors: the Causes of Chronic Self-Consciousness 21 Min

The causes of avoidant personality disorder can be traced to a complex combination of childhood environment, parenting styles, attachment styles, and genetics. In this session, Dr. Ramani breaks down each risk factor, the demographics that are most affected, and more.

How to Spot the 7 Traits of Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD) 21 Min

Understanding the diagnostic process for a personality disorder is difficult. However, Dr. Ramani makes it simple. In this session, she explains how the path to a diagnosis should and shouldn’t look, and walks through the seven criteria used to diagnose avoidant personality disorder.

How to Find a Doctor That Someone with APD Can Trust 12 Min

Finding a mental health professional for someone with avoidant personality disorder is especially tricky because of their fear of social connection. In this session, Dr. Ramani breaks down the steps to successfully finding a doctor or therapist that someone with APD can feel comfortable with.

APD Treatment: How to Alleviate Social Fear & Anxiety 26 Min

There are a multitude of tried-and-true evidence-based treatments available for avoidant personality disorder. Dr. Ramani walks through what you need to know about each one, and how to find them, in this session.

APD Long-Term: What Progress Should Look Like & How to Maintain It 6 Min

Finding the right treatment is one thing. What happens after you find one that’s working? In this session, Dr. Ramani explains what progress with avoidant personality disorder looks like in the long-term, and how to maintain it.

How to Support a Loved One with Avoidant Personality Disorder 8 Min

There are key strategies you should know for supporting someone with the oversensitivity that comes with avoidant personality disorder. Dr. Ramani spells out those strategies in our final session.


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About the Series

Have you ever felt self-conscious or afraid of embarrassing yourself? These are common feelings. But imagine if these feelings became so persistent that they severely impeded every single social interaction. It’s more than just self-consciousness. But this pattern can be mended through the right education – which is what this series provides.

This series contains the tools you need to find relief from fear of humiliation.

Who is this series for?

This series is for patients and supporters alike and provides an in-depth education on the disorder and how to find the management tools for long-term success.

“MedCircle and Dr. Ramani with another complicated topic presented in an easy friendly manner making this accessible to all the people that suffer.”
Beth M.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • Why those with avoidant personality disorder are at risk for other illnesses and unhealthy relationships
  • The causes and risk factors of APD
  • How to spot the seven traits of APD
  • How to find the right professional for you or a loved one
  • How to alleviate social fear and anxiety through APD treatments

“I don’t think that this disorder would necessarily delimit someone from having an intimate relationship but it would require a partner who was educated to this pattern.”

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.


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