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Anxiety in Children: Coping with Phobias

Nearly one in three children and teenagers will meet criteria for an anxiety disorder by the age of 18--and this alarming number is still rising.

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Series Overview

Signs & Causes of Anxiety in Children 26 Min

Triple-board certified psychologist, Dr. Judy Ho, explains the signs of anxiety that parents need to know. She also discusses what causes anxiety in children.

How to Correctly Address Anxiety in a Child or Teen 32 Min

In this session, Dr. Judy explains the responses parents should (and should not) have when dealing with their anxious child. Dr. Judy provides parenting tips to help a child with a phobia.

How to Find the Right Professional for an Anxious Child 25 Min

Finding the right provider for your child can be difficult. In this session, Dr. Judy walks you through the steps to take in order to find the best professional for you and your child.

How to Avoid a Misdiagnosis in an Anxious Child 15 Min

According to the Child Mind Institute, parents wait an average of two years after the onset of a child’s anxiety symptoms to reach out for mental health treatment. Dr. Judy provides tools and strategies to prevent a misdiagnosis, in this session.

How Anxiety Treatment Should & Should NOT Look for a Child 20 Min

From therapies to medications, there is a lot to consider when treating an anxious child. Dr. Judy gives parents the education they need to make an informed decision.

How to Structure Long-Term Wellness for an Anxious Child 11 Min

In our final session, Dr. Judy gives long-term wellness strategies that help you and your child through recovery.


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About the Series

In this exclusive 6-episode series, Dr. Judy Ho (an expert in child psychology) walks you through child anxiety symptoms, how to help children cope with fears & phobias, and perhaps most importantly, how to find the BEST treatment plan for long-term mental wellness.

Dr. Judy Ho ends the series with self-care tips that children and teenagers can use to face their anxiety in the long-term.

Who is this series for?

This series is for parents who believe their child is suffering due to their anxiety. It is also a wonderful guide on preventing anxiety and phobias in your child in the first place.

“I was an anxious child but never diagnosed. My 5-year old started to have trouble sleeping and feeling really nervous and being really quiet around friends and family. I was able to spot signs I had never noticed before after watching this series.”
Laura H.

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • What anxiety and phobia looks like in children
  • How to spot the signs of anxiety and phobia in your child
  • Efficient ways to navigate the mental health system and find the right provider
  • How to maximize the positive effects of treatment
  • Wellness strategies for long-term success

“Feelings are temporary. No matter how discomforting it is - it’s like a wave in the ocean, it comes and goes.”

Triple Board Certified Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychologist, Ph.D.


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