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Parenting through Addiction: A Story of Support and Resilience

Supporting children with addiction is crucial. Discover one parent’s story of support, resilience, & triumph over her own mental health obstacles.

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Series Overview

How Exposure to Childhood Trauma Impacted Andrea’s Parenting Style 23 Min

In our first session, Andrea shares what it was like to survive past abuse, and why she turned to substance abuse at an extremely young age. She shares the impact this had on her initial parenting style, and how her daughters began drug use through an innocent and all-too-accessible avenue: a prescription.

How Andrea Initially Handled Her Daughters’ Struggle with Addiction 18 Min

Andrea breaks down how she spotted the signs of addiction in her daughter. She also shares how she and her daughters came to star in the reality show Pretty Wild, and the impact that level of exposure had on the mental health of her family.

The Family Journey to Effective Support & Sustainable Recovery 25 Min

Andrea walks through what prompted her to get sober, change her communication style with her adult children, and work toward a more hopeful version of recovery. She talks about the tools she and her daughters used to overcome shame and guilt and find lasting recovery. She also shares the absolutely life-saving role that the concept of “unconditional love” has played in the lives of her and her family.


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About the Series

Every parent has their own story. This story not only impacts their mental health; it also affects their future parenting style and their relationship with their children. When it comes to this relationship, understanding is everything.

Andrea Arlington is a mother with her own story of addiction and recovery. In this eye-opening account, she doesn’t just share how she parented through the addiction and recovery of her two daughters. She sheds light on the story of her own childhood and teenage years, what she learned throughout her parenting journey, where she went wrong, what she did right, and how she continues to improve her relationship with her children and grandchildren each and every day.

Supporting children with addiction is often a crucial part of recovery. In this series, discover one parent’s story of support, resilience, and triumph over her own mental health obstacles.

Who is this series for?

Those living with a substance use disorder, or who are in recovery, will gain a new perspective on the struggle of addiction by watching this series.

This series is especially helpful for parents who need insight into another parent’s story of support and resilience.

This series is also for family members and loved ones of those suffering from a substance use disorder.

“My reaction [to my daughters’ addiction] was like what my dad did to me...shaming, blaming them...asking ‘how could you do this?!’...but when you hear someone tell you the truth, who’s not yelling at you, who’s not shaming you, you tend to listen.”
- Andrea Arlington, ICF Life Coach & Addiction Specialist

In this series, you’ll discover:

  • How Andrea spotted the signs of opioid addiction in her daughters
  • The role that shame and guilt played in exacerbating her daughters’ struggle with addiction
  • What prompted Andrea to change her approach to supporting her daughters and why it worked
  • Research-backed tried-and-true treatment protocols and programs
  • Effective communication strategies for loved ones with addiction and why these strategies “heal” rather than “shame”

ICF Certified Life Coach & Addiction Specialist


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