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Dr. Sarah Oreck

Dr. Sarah Oreck is a Columbia University-trained psychiatrist focusing on women’s mental wellness. In addition to her expertise in general and addiction psychiatry, she is one of the few doctors with specialized training in reproductive psychiatry.

She treats women during pregnancy and the postpartum period as well as coping with fertility-related issues. She also treats mood symptoms related to menstruation and menopause.

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“My wife was diagnosed with postpartum depression shortly after she gave birth to our first child. I wanted the knowledge and insight from a reproductive psychiatrist so I could better understand how to support my wife. There are no reprodutive psychiatrists in our area and so I am very thankful to have found Dr. Sarah Oreck on MedCircle. My wife also watched some series with Dr. Oreck and we both have improved our communication and knowledge of how to navigate these emotional times. And yes, my wife is doing is great and our little family is happier than ever.”

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Reproductive Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Oreck

Reproductive psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah practices in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about Dr. Sarah’s work and to contact her, you may visit her website.

Dr. Oreck believes in treating both body and mind through mindful breathing and meditation in addition to talk therapy and the most up-to-date medication treatments. She treats patients with mood and anxiety symptoms, chronic pelvic pain, trauma, ADHD, addiction, and eating disorders.

Dr. Oreck is currently based in Los Angeles after spending nearly a decade in New York City. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and the outdoors. She has recently rediscovered her love of painting. Dr. Oreck also speaks Spanish fluently.