Dr. Kim Dwyer

Dr. Dwyer is a licensed clinical psychologist primarily working from mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral perspectives, including, MB-CBT and ACT.

She is very interested in the interplay of brain, body, and behavior and helps her clients understand the interplay of physiology, biological drives, emotions, thoughts, and values. Dr. Dwyer additionally works with mental health providers and similar helpers/healers in private practice to launch, build, and refine their businesses through coaching and consultation services.

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Dr. Kim Dwyer

Dr. Kimberly Dwyer is a licensed clinical psychologist in suburban Denver, Colorado and provides telehealth throughout Colorado and other PsyPact states. She excels at empowering her clients to manage stress and anxiety and allowing them to shift perspectives on times of stress and transition to see opportunities for growth, alignment, and self-authentication. Learn more about Dr. Dwyer.