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Dr. Domenick Sportelli

Dr. Sportelli is Double Board Certified in adult general psychiatry and child & adolescent psychiatry through the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology. A father of three, Dr. Dom provides unique insight from the professional and parent perspective.

He also is an attending physician in Consultation Psychiatry at multiple hospitals and appears on national networks and media outlets to spread mental health education.

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Psych Unfiltered with Dr. Domenick Sportelli

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Severe Depression vs. Feeling Depressed


About Dr. Dom

Dr. Domenick Sportelli is widely sought-after for his expertise on the latest in medical behavioral health, child/family psychiatry, and neuropharmacology. His caring, warm, and logical approach to education, diagnosis, and treatment makes it easy for viewers to get the in-depth education they need in order to make the next right step. From attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to bipolar disorder, Dr. Sportelli is one of the nation’s go-to experts for mental healthcare.