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Hello. We’re here to help you understand mental health.

Mental health education at your fingertips.

MedCircle believes that people who become highly educated about mental health can improve both their lives and the lives of the people around them. 

While treatment, medication, and therapy are all crucial components to mental wellness, the often forgotten step to optimal mental health is preventative mental health care – for you and others. 

MedCircle provides access to the world’s greatest minds in mental health through engaging interview-style video series, virtual live Workshops, and in-depth articles on important mental health topics.

The MedCircle Team

MedCircle Video Series & Live Workshops

MedCircle’s award-winning video library gives you “behind-the-scenes” insight from the most sought after psychologists and psychiatrists.

You’ll learn what certain diagnoses entail and get unprecedented insight into the processes experienced doctors use to diagnose them. 

You’ll also understand treatment options along with the risks and benefits each doctor considers, and how they go about prescribing a treatment, therapy and/or medication. 

We do not sensationalize mental health. 

We provide simple and clear explanations to help you determine your next, best step. 

Lean back and learn from the greatest psychologists and psychiatrists on the topics that matter to you and your loved ones.

  • Watch new videos each week on our YouTube channel. These weekly videos provide actionable insight from our credential psychologists and psychiatrists on a variety of mental health topics. 
  • Access the educational video library with a Starter Membership. Our growing library contains in-depth interviews with psychiatrists and psychologists you can trust. You can also utilize the MedCircle app – available for iOS and Android.
  • MedCircle Live Workshops give All-Access Members the ability to participate in group discussions, ask questions, and get answers directly from featured doctors. It’s not treatment. It’s education.

MedCircle Articles

The MedCircle team of psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed therapists create articles on the latest news, advancements, and treatment options in mental health. Learn important information on varying mental health issues, actionable tips, and simple strategies. You can access the MedCircle blog here

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